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I am a product designer in Beijing.

I have been focusing on designing effective digital products to enhance the corporate brand value. I have 1+ years of experience in UI/UX design with proven online products such as web, applications, corporate back office systems.. My advantage is good at integrating different skills. I can independently complete the website design and development, there are some complete online product case.

2018.3 - Present
UI Designer

Responsible for the UI and visual design of the website.

2016.11 - 2017.11
Product Designer

I was responsible for the company's brand design in the early days, and then led the responsible website and product design to complete some front-end development.

My Site
My Personal Site

This website is my personal website, I am responsible for design and front-end development, I will publish works and blogs on this.

Web Interfaces

I am good at corporate website, landing page, dashboard design, and successfully complete the goal for customers.

Frontend Development

I can independently complete the front-end development of static pages, and can provide customers with high-fidelity front-end design drafts.

App Interface

I can complete the iOS & Android interface design, and I am familiar with the Swift language, which can better connect and communicate with engineers.

Digital Branding

Creating interesting, successful brands for our customers is my goal, I have created interesting digital brands for many customers.