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I am a product & UI designer, focusing on designing effective digital products. I have 2 years of product design/UI design experience, including Web application, APP, enterprise Dashboard, etc. I am familiar with the whole process from product design to development and implementation, and have complete and mature product design experience. She covers a wide range of fields, including product, interaction, design, front-end development, etc. She is good at integrating cross-domain knowledge and skills, and has complete online independent development works and online product cases.

2018.3 - Present
UI Designer

Responsible for maintaining the daily iteration of smartisan Web and App and the follow-up of new requirements
Led the establishment of the Web side UI component library, supplemented and improved the design specifications
Assist new product design and marketing requirement

2016.11 - 2017.11
Product Designer

CacheMoment is a SaaS cloud platform based on machine learning and real-time Internet traffic processing
Responsible for the company's brand image design and design specifications
Led the website and product design and completed part of the front-end development work (Rails) at the same time. During this period, we worked together to iterate multiple versions to improve the user experience

My Site
My Personal Site

This website is my personal website, I am responsible for design and front-end development, I will publish works and blogs on this.

and skills
Web Interfaces

I am good at corporate website, landing page, dashboard design, and successfully complete the goal for customers.

Frontend Development

I can independently complete the front-end development of static pages, and can provide customers with high-fidelity front-end design drafts.

App Interface

I can complete the iOS & Android interface design, and I am familiar with the Swift language, which can better connect and communicate with engineers.

Digital Branding

Creating interesting, successful brands for our customers is my goal, I have created interesting digital brands for many customers.